Chevron Under Siege, 58 University of Louisville L. Rev. 17 (2019- 2020) Article

Restoring the Lawful Separation of Powers (WSJ, January 7, 2017)

Criminal Law Reform: Brady-Giglio- Government Disclosure of Exculpatory Information: Criminal Law Reform- Brady-Giglio (2007- 2016)Later Brady Developments (- 2023); California Rules of Professional Conduct (2023)

TRAC Vehicle Leasing, Journal of Equipment Lease Financing (Fall 2015). See TRAC-vehicle-leasing

Court Review of Agency Action: Chevron, Costs, and the New “Major Questions” Doctrine, Wednesday, October 7, 2015,  Professor Lisa Heinzerling (Georgetown University Law Center), Edwin E. Huddleson (private practitioner), Professor Jon Cannon (University of Virginia Law School), moderator: Connor Raso (SEC agency counsel). See case-citations

Administrative Law and Agency Practice Section wins the District of Columbia Bar’s 2015 Section of the Year Award.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) In the News, Privacy and Civil Liberties, Thursday, June 4, 2015,  The speakers include leading FOIA experts from the US Department of Justice (Melanie Ann Pustay and Elizabeth Shapiro), Public Citizen (Adina Rosenbaum), and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (Alan Butler), discussing the most interesting and controversial FOIA topics, as well as privacy issues and the recently-enacted Congressional legislation regulating NSA bulk data collection.

Administrative Law- Annual Review, Thursday, April 23, 2015, Three law professors — Lisa Heinzerling (Georgetown University Law Center), Jeffrey S. Lubbers (American University Washington College of Law) and John F. Banzhaf (George Washington University Law School)– and Tony Steinmeyer (Assistant Director, Civil Division Appellate Staff, US Department of Justice) discus topics drawn from the most recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court, the federal courts and agencies, as well as their current thinking on hot topics of administrative law.

Harold Leventhal lecture, 2014,  Justice John Paul Stevens.  Comments on Recent Supreme Court Decisions- Campaign Financing Rules, (or “Oops”). (Written text:  STEVENS September 12, 2014); (voice recording, including questions and answers at the end, available immediately below and on the web: google Harold Leventhal lectures, DC Bar).

Cutting Edge FOIA Issues, Privacy and Civil Liberties, Wednesday, July 16, 2014, Adina Rosenbaum (Public Citizen), Melanie Ann Pustay (Chief of the Office of Information and Privacy, US Department of Justice), David Vladeck (Georgetown University Law Center), Elizabeth Shapiro (US Department of Justice).  Our expert panelists will discuss significant issues in FOIA practice, including Glomar and “no number, no list” responses, categorical withholding, Vaughn indexes, recent FOIA cases, and privacy and open government issues raised by NSA surveillance programs.

Administrative Law- Annual Review, Thursday, February 27, 2014, Professor Lisa Heinzerling (Georgetown University Law Center, speaking on Presidential control of administrative rulemaking), Professor Jonathan Siegel (George Washington University Law School, speaking on Appointments Clause cases, particularly the Canning case), and Professor Jeffrey S. Lubbers (American University Washington College of Law, reviewing the significant administrative law cases recently decided by the United States Supreme Court).

Software Financing and Leasing, American Bar Association meeting in Washington, D.C., April 5, 2013. Edwin E. Huddleson and Mark S. Bazrod

Administrative Law- Annual Review, January 10, 2013, Professors Lisa Heinzerling (Georgetown University Law Center), Jonathan R. Siegel (George Washington University Law Center), and Jeffrey S.Lubbers (American University Washington College of Law). Topics will be drawn from decisions of the United States Supreme Court, federal courts and federal agencies, as well as from proposed congressional legislation.

Environmental Law- Superfund. Toward a New Consensus and see 42 USC 9601 (20)(A).(E),(F),(G) later expanding and extending CERLA’s secured creditor exception.

Equipment Leasing and FinancingOld Wine in New Bottles- UCC 2A Leases;  Taming the Terrible Twos— Statute of Frauds; —True Leases; — Twenty percent set-aside; — History- unenacted Official CommentsSurprising TermsLeasing Is Distinctive!;  TRAC Vehicle Leasing

Harold Leventhal Talk, Thirty Years of Admnistrative Law in the D.C. Circuit, Judge Patricia M. Wald.

Outstanding Teacher annual award program established at Pardee- RAND Graduate School (1993-present),

University of Chicago Law School coffee/receptions (sponsor) honoring Jennifer Nou (2024); William Baude (2024); Emily Buss (2023); Lee Fennell (2023); Curt Bradley (2022); Tom Ginsburg (2019), the law school faculty (2018), Martha Nussbaum (2017), Dennis Hutchinson (2017), Thomas J. Miles (2016), Edward H. Levi (2015), Grant Gilmore (2014), Soia Mentschikoff (2013), Gerhard Casper (2012), Richard Epstein (2011), Geoffrey Hazard (2011), Harry Kalven and Geoffrey Stone (2010), Philip B. Kurland (2009), and Norval Morris (2008).